Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Design Fleet

Welcome to Carolina Triad Sailing Blog!

I decided to start this blog to provide a forum for our conversations about forming a new one-design sailing/racing fleet in central North Carolina. Of specific interest are those who sail at Lake Townsend Yacht Club in Greensboro and Oak Hollow Sailing Club in High Point.Additional interest has been expressed from members of Carolina Sailing Club in the Raleigh area.

I'm new to this blog stuff - I hope that anyone will be able to post. If not, email me and I'll see what I can do.

Please keep you comments "G-Rated" and respectful.

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  1. I'm a CSC Buccaneer sailor from Durham.
    I've got two Buccs a 70s Snipe and a Phantom.

    I think it is important to consider how the $2-4000 boats systems differ from new boats of the same class and also what a new boat costs. As soon as someone shows up with a brand new boat the party might be over.

    The Snipe is underpowered and probably a bad choice for inland lake sailing. Not sure how competitive the old boats are with new Snipes if not updated. You can look at Snipe gear on APS website, just the latest whisker pole and launcher system is about $600.
    Pretty pricey to update one to latest/greatest once you add up all the changed systems.

    I would be more likely to buy another boat for local racing if it was a single-hander. Not sure how important a crewed dinghy is to this project aside from drawing in new people with the open crew seat.

    What about everyone buying TWO Sunfish?